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Tuong Tailor Story

Tuong Tailor serves customers from all around the world coming into Hoi An. We've been and continued trying to get to know them all and each person has their own story. Each adventure spots something differently and helps us specify their needs as their unique design.

Customer Review

Tuong Tailor has several customers come every day to the shop. Customer Reviews show our work through Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Trip Advisor. Reviews from our previous customers will give you confidence when choosing Tuong Tailor as your tailor in Hoi An.

We're always at the top of Hoi An Traveler's referrals in terms of product quality and service on TripAdvisor. See what our customers say about us on TripAdvisor, and view our customer's product photos on Facebook & Instagram.

Available Products

Tuong Tailor customers get inspiration for their designs in a multitude of ways: from their stories to their favorite designs and more. We also pre-make some of our trendy and unique designs from a large number of customers in store for our customer references. If you're not sure what you want, our design team will be able to bring up some ideas for your special events.


We all want to look our best, but there's always a tiny part of our body making us not matching with our wanted design. Tuong Tailor’s staff were trained to guarantee to get your right measurement along with your body flaws to make sure the design fits you perfectly.

Online Measurement

If you’re getting your clothes online, don’t worry, we have our Tailor Guideline for you to guide you in getting exact measurements. After you submit your measurements, our expert will review them one more time to make sure the measurements are provided correctly. Tuong Tailor will spot the wrong measurements for you if needed.


Tuong Tailor has tons of fabric types and colors for you to pick when you’re in our store. However, different materials will suit different designs. Depending on your design, our experts will show you the right fabrics.

For our online design, if you want a specific color or fabric material for the design, don’t hesitate to let Tuong Tailor know in the request box, we will quickly contact you for your request.

Fitting your design

In the Tuong Tailor store, you can refit and try your design as many times as you wish making sure your clothes are perfect when you walk out. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We always offer extra work on our side to ensure your comfort.

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